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thing is i have already intimated to doing double blind tests

i should not have to say i have but i have in the past. sacd vs cd was a good one back in the day. as is dolby vs dts.

you keep saying to use foobar is a bit of a non starter as why would i want to use a pc for a test when i already know the differance?

and to clarifi on the X1000 i would seach by album and play via shuffle. and then the dup albums would all be shuffled and i would listen to a low bit rate song, realise then pick the correct hibit one. think to delete said low bit rate album (but you cant delete albums till hooked up to pc, by then have forgotten to)

so if i wasnt clear

wheni have said i know the differance this means i have doen loads of tests in the past. the end.

but i feel it is wrong for all of you non x1000 owners to jump all over this thread with your presumptions.


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