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The anti-audiophile hate in this thread sickens me.

He's totally right! FIRST! You can tell the difference between a 320 kb file and a 425 kb file. For instance, the math alone verifies it: 425 minus 320 is at least an 100 kb difference. THAT'S ALMOST A THIRD MORE QUALITY!

That is an undeniable increase in sound quality. In fact, it would be enough to overcome the affects of lower-end earphones with NO EXTERNAL AMP. Even those cheap $5 earphones you an get in dollar-stores would still give you the full soundstage of the file, just like it was a DVD audio recording being played live in front of you.

Second, he's an industry insider. He's worked with compressed audio for at least several months that I can discern. His testimony about being able to tell the difference without any kind of pesky external verification is more useful to us than some bullcrap double-blind, unbiased, impartial test using established scientific methods. We're people, NOT MACHINES! We don't need machines to tell us what's better for our listening enjoyment! That's not America! That's not even Canada!

So you guys can take your "ABX" this and compress it into a file, one that no one can tell is any different from the original file, without having to use some form of testing to eliminate perceived differences. Until then, me and RandomHairgel are standing up to this tyranny!


(Too subtle?)


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