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^ OK. Very much against my better judgment, I am gonna say some stuff - my plans for tonight just fell through and I am now in a really shitty mood.

Just remember, I am the guy who started out having a perfectly nice, welcoming forum conversation with you. Twice.

First, just so you know, I ain't a moderator here in case you were possibly thinking that.

Second, there is absolutely no reason to cop an attitude
. Completely indefensible and absolutely juvenile and totally makes you look bad. No one will ever take you seriously with an attitude like that, not online or in real life. No one knows you here. Try walking into a neighborhood bar or pub and start mouthing off and see what happens.

Everyone here has been nothing but polite and friendly to you. There is no more open and friendly forum online than ABi and you basically have taken the friendly, honest suggestions from people and turned it around into some kinda bullshit. Agenda? What possible frickin' agenda could people have on a site called ABi, other than to suggest alternatives to Apple gear? This site is an independent site that is one of the most objective DAP/audio sites around. Period. Gear that is good is backed up both by subjective opinions and pretty rigorous testing. Gear that is bad is ripped to shreds, regardless of price or brand. Again, period. Walkgood, skip252 and musichound have forgotten more about this stuff than you or I will every likely know.

Third, either you didn't make your claims of actually conducting ABX tests clear or you only think you did. Not until your third post did you even mention AB testing at all. And, more importantly, at no point did you ever bother to explain EXACTLY HOW you ABX tested. Vaguely mentioning that you could hear a difference DOES NOT MEAN YOU ACTUALLY CONDUCTED A LEGITIMATE ABX TEST.

Can you see this point?

Everyone offered you friendly suggestions in case you were not aware of how to properly conduct a legitimate ABX test. Legitimate. If you actually did do exactly that sort of thing, then just say so. And if people question you or even challenge you or still don't believe you, don't be a child and get offended. So what if no one believes you. But if you care enough to write a frustrated, accusatory post, why not just take the time to explain to people HOW you did it - defend your position like an adult.

When people make claims like yours, in any field, more knowledgeable people are gonna want to know how you arrived at your conclusion. I don't know about you, but when someone tells me they can name the exact year, vineyard and grapes for a certain wine for instance, my first response is: Oh really? Prove it.

That's all anyone is saying. If you don't want to prove it, fine, it is your prerogative of course. But then don't expect people to believe you just because you said so without any HARD evidence backing up your claims.

Even after having said all the above, I still am glad you found a music format and gear to your liking. Good for you man. And if I have over-reacted in my response here, I am man enough and secure enough and mature enough to say I am sorry, but for that and that alone.

Yet I remain unapologetic for the intentions and the opinions I voice here. I am no expert on these matters - far from it. But I know enough to satisfy myself and more importantly, I know that there are a ton of people out there that know more about this stuff than I ever will or may ever care to.

But I also have been here on ABi long enough to really, really like the place and I will not stand idly by and have people make unsupported, unwarranted and completely spurious accusations here, especially not at people I have come to know a bit and respect.

You'll probably either laugh at this rant or go completely apeshit - believe me, I couldn't possibly care less either way. But then again, you could maybe really surprise people by taking it down a notch or 12 and start over again.

Get it together.

Originally Posted by RandomHajile View Post
Hi 1st post but ive had my 1060 for 2 years now and only recently tryed loading files that exceed the so called 320kb limit that sony quote.

i converted a load of flac albums to AAC 425kbps vbr an loaded them on my walkman.

it really made a differance. i can pick out background vocals/beats that im sure i havent noticed before.

im now thinking it is a real shame the western X can not do lossless as the amp really shines. but having the option to play higher bit rates is a nice comprimise.

now im gonna have to deleate my old albums and replace with these higher aac's

i was using denon 360 earbuds/sennhiser sp25II headphones.

music was bob marley legend + a shm live ep/solaris ost/george michaels older/prodigys new live album and various jamiroquai

and for refrence i have a marantz cd7/sony s master 9000es amp/mdr sa5000
Originally Posted by RandomHajile View Post
yes i agree. i have loads of duplacate albums on my walkman (as the normal flow chart for scene releases is 1st a 192kbps VBR mp3, 2nd a 320kbps CBR mp3 then finaly a 256kbps itunes aac. for me i pref the aac.

i agree with the over used term that high bit rates have more "air"

and that low bit rates, for me are unusable as they go quiet when it gets busy, as in when the whole band is playing with vocals a lot is lost

anyways. for me, going from 320mp3 to 400aac is worth it. im just surprised people havent expremented more

on another note my ps3 can not see these high bit rate aac's
Originally Posted by RandomHajile View Post
like ive said i have AB'd various same albums.

my OG point was that higher bit rates make a difference on the walkman X.

furthermore i use flac on my nokia n900 and again i can tell the differance.

ive even AB'd files on my cd7 and da9000es (they both have spdif inputs) and its as clear as vhs vs dvd.

the question is have any x owners on here dabbled with what my original post touched on?
Originally Posted by RandomHajile View Post
has this really just become a thread about abx blind testing

damn, i thought this was for x1000 owners
Originally Posted by RandomHajile View Post
well this place seams like a crock of

moderators with their own agenda.

do any of you actually own/had a X1000 ?

or even acknowlage the kit i quoted as mine?

ask yourself how many audio "versus" thread there have been and does it apply to this thread.

how can you say you dont remeber anyone can hear the differance when i have twice stated ive done said tests and can. FFS
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