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Hi everybody!

First of all, I'm from Spain so let me excuse for my poor english skills :S

I've recently purchased an Iriver K1 directly from a South Korean online store. It's the 8 Gb version with WIFI module included. I'm really happy with the device but the absence of information in english is really annoying. I've been able to select english as its menu language, but that's all... The default firmware version of the device is the 1.10 and I've found the current one to be the 1.30 (as can be seen in the korean Iriver webpage). I really don't know how to install any firmware update, because all the information I've found is in korean, and I can't get an intelligible translation using the google translator tool :S

My last attemp was to download the Iriver plus 4 program (some kind of Iriver version of Itunes :S) to detect the device and try an automatic FW upgrade. Supposedly it should be able to synchronize itself with the K1 in the moment it's plugged to the computer, but it doesn't seem to work for me...

I'm wondering if any of you have been able to upgrade the FW of an Iriver K1. I'll really appreciate some help 'cause I would like to enjoy all the K1 features, as it seems to be a promising player

Thank you in advance and sorry for the linguistic mistakes.

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