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Maybe this is deserving of its own thread, but in light of the many, MANY people creating threads where the answer to their problems is almost exactly the same, maybe a good thing to include in this FAQ is a rundown of things to do if anything with your Zune isn't working properly (like WiFi not connecting no matter how long you wait, or the PC client not giving an error about not being able to read critical files). I have taken the liberty of writing my version of it out completely in a recent thread, so I will copy and paste it right here. I don't know if it is worthy of being included, but hey...

Things to try, go from top to bottom (skip step 1 if the issue is not PC client related):

1) Uninstall and reinstall the PC client or make sure it is fully udated (in the client, go settings>software>general>check for updates).

2) Press and hold the power and media buttons until the Zune tells you to reconnect to the software. This erases your firmware, but not your content.

3) Press and hold the media and home buttons (while the Zune is on) until the same thing as above happens. This erases the player completely. You MAY have to hold all three buttons to get this to work.

4) Call Zune support, and if they ask you to do these things, tell them you have, and see if they have other suggestions.

5) Post in the Zune HD forum and see if anyone else has something else to try.

6) If the support tells you so, send it in for repair if it's under warranty. It's 100% free (they pay shipping and everything). If your Zune is more than a year old, your warranty has expired. There are repair places on the internet, one that has been referred to often is Rapid Repair. I have not used them personally, but several people on this website have, and swear by them.

7) Start looking for a new one, or a new player altogether. ZuneHDs are getting cheaper and cheaper, and particularly refurbished ones can be picked up for a decent price. Also, check the ABi classifieds. Someone may be able to give you a sweet deal. If you want a player other than a ZuneHD, but can't make up your mind, ABi will gladly help, I'm sure.

On a COMPLETELY unrelated note, the "what types of video are supported" section, XviD should be added.
- Justin
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