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Originally Posted by Franklineld View Post
How do you change the navigation settings from folder to [album] [artist] [#] to begin with?
Not exactly clear what you're asking?

If you push the Browser button from the main menu, you'll be placed at whatever last level you were at, however you were last browsing. If you then push the left-up arrow button at the bottom-left of the screen, you'll be taken right back up to the highest-level of the Browser, namely "Library".

At the top of the list now shown onscreen, there will be [Folders]. If you start from here, you'll next see [J3] and [J3 Ext], etc., and as you continue you'll be navigating down through your folders/files in alphabetical sequence, exactly as would happen say with Windows Explorer if you examined the internal and external drive of the J3 while it was connected to the PC. Because of the [J3] vs. [J3 Ext], your navigation downward is completely segregated by internal storage or external storage.

But below the [Folders] line, there are other additional lines [Artists], [Albums], [Songs], [Years], and [Genres], which are the categories of information from the tag fields in the tags inside your music files.

Furthermore, browsing down through these tag field items will show you all of your music files no matter whether they are located on internal or external storage. The tags database comes from the J3's examination of ALL of your music files at each boot.

So there's nothing in the J3's settings to actually "change", to navigate using the tag fields vs. folders. You simply start downward from the Library top-level, going through either (a) [Folders], or (b) one of the tag field categories.

Now, within a low-level single folder (e.g. "album"), the J3 presents the tracks in track-number sequence based on the internal "track #" field inside the tags. This mimics how the physical CD would play if you put it in a real CD player.

Other larger, macro presentations (e.g. [All Tracks] for an artist) are in alphabetical sequence.

Have I answered your question? Still unclear exactly what you wanted to know about.
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