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Default Audio Book and Podcast Support


I was wondering of the podcast/audio book support is solid for the J3 player, specifically auto bookmarking? I'm thinking about upgrading from my Sansa Fuze player and listen to a lot of podcasts.

Thanks in advance!

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From dfkt's review
Another issue is audiobook and podcast support – or rather, the complete lack thereof. While other brands, like Sansa for example, has really nifty support for audiobooks, completely separating them from music files, with auto-bookmarking, auto-resume, and file skip prevention, there’s no such thing on the J3. Shuffling the whole music selection stored on the J3 doesn’t prevent audiobook chapters from being in the mix, and folder advance often goes from music to audiobooks (or vice versa) as well. When I try falling asleep to an audiobook, I sometimes wake up again to some not quite as calming – and much louder, since the J3 doesn’t support Replaygain – Black Metal or Dubstep track.
I would really appreciate if Cowon implemented proper audiobook features – and Replaygain, for that matter.
From this it seems as if there's no podcast/audiobook support at all.
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I read that as well and was hoping one of the firmware updates after that review may have corrected that.
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Sadly, no.

There's a folder in the default OS named "Audible", so I wonder if there were originally plans to do something with it and/or audiobooks generally. But it doesn't seem to have happened, sadly.

I listen to a lot of audiobooks, so I would have dearly loved the ability to keep those and music albums separately. As it is, if you choose to play your music tracks randomly across folders, you get chapters of audiobook all mashed up among them.

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This has always been my problem with Cowon products. No Podcast support at all ever. When will they get this done.
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