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dunno if its still actuall, but I have some input for this topic

since I have been working with video (cutting, syncing, some special effects etc) for few years (as amateur, making movies from FPS games), I could recommend you Lagarith and Huffyuv (lossless) codecs. I personally prefer Huffyuv since its a bit faster, but the choice of right codec depends on what you actually want to do with video. But lossless codecs (for video) arent good for final encoding, basically just because of the fact, they will reduce only by ~40-50% (depends on color depth, motion etc). It would be better to use some high profile codecs such as h264 with high bitrates (this depends on encoder settings, resolution and fps), it would save much more space and it would be unnoticeable difference with extremely high bitrates.
Btw, every device is recording video in some lossy format (I mean other than PC, like cameras, phones etc), just imagine uncompressed video in 720p 16:9 (1280x720) at 25 fps, you would need more like 4GB for just 1 minute long footage (assuming its 24-bit color depth).
If it comes to actuall video encoding, for final versions I use h264 in mkv container with Megui tool. Its kinda heavy gun for newcomers because its not very intuitive and generally not designed to be used by "newbies", but there are plenty presets which can be found on inet without knowing whats actually under the hood. If you would be interested I could look for preset I was using for my videos (u can check result here, ).
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