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Originally Posted by Draggy View Post
It seems like mine is.. hm, faulty? The shiny paint just disappears with time and the button becomes more of color of the directional buttons. Huh, seems I can't do anything about it, I think it's too small thing to use warranty.

@El Palo: I was thinking about PL21 too, people say they are isolating very well. I am going to choose something from what SoundMagic offers, PL11, PL21, or maybe PL30.
I quickly discarded pl11, revies said too much of a difference in SQ, but it's very cheap... it's unfair to ask for more quality.

I dropped my clip+ two times this week while walking on the street, my clumsy hands aren't accustomed to such small and light objects. The player is rock solid by the way, just minor scratches. I need to be extra careful, i hate myself.

I'm using the stock earbuds now, which are surprisingly decent, or at least much better than the sonys iem that came with my sony ericsson cellphone. At home i use it with some olds beyerdynamic dt231 headphones, very cool sound, but i don't like wearing that outside.

Still waiting for focalprice to ship my pl21s
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