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Originally Posted by Finleyville View Post
I did read and understand the whole MSC vs. MTP issue. Since I use MediaMonkey to manage my library I figured I had to be in MSC mode to copy/sync/mirror tracks to my future device. That, of course, would erase any Windows playlists that I created in the past.
I don't use MediaMonkey, but others have claimed that it DOES support PLA playlists (as well as M3U playlists) and also MTP connection mode. That would make it one of the very few Windows programs capable of working without Windows drive letters assigned for the removable device (or in the case of the J3, without TWO Windows drive letters assinged).

However experiments by others has revealed that the PLA functionality of MediaMonkey does NOT support referencing music files in those PLA playlists which are located on both internal and external storage. It only appears to support internal storage of the J3. So there's no advantage to using MediaMonkey in MTP mode anyway, since you still will not get PLA playlists supporting both internal and external storage music files.

So we're back to what I'd stated earlier, that only using Windows Explorer will you actually and genuinely be able to build/maintain PLA playlists (which require MTP connection mode) that do truly reference music files on both internal and external storage in the same PLA playlist.

And you're right, if you build/maintain PLA playlists using Windows Explorer while in MTP mode, if you then decide to come back to MSC mode you will have just clobbered all of your PLA playlists and rendered them useless and not repairable. You'll have to go back to MTP mode and delete them all and rebuild from scratch, if you really want to get them back. Obviously, not very desirable... again, why I said "if you're willing to remain in MTP mode forever...".

I almost exclusively listen to my whole collection by genre. In fact, I have my whole music collection in only one folder. For some reason I thought that a track could be assigned multiple genres and, therefore, could be assigned a "playlist" after its true genre.
Sorry. Not the case.

Now you might investigate using the Sense UCI, which has "on the fly" add-to-playlist functionality. I myself haven't tried it (but many others have, of course), and it's not actually M3U playlist functionality (i.e. it is not maintained from the PC, but rather from the J3 itself). And it, too, has its own quirks and rules, and how you might lose them all if you "start over", etc.

Oh well. I have to figure out if that playlist feature is important enough to me to splurge on the J3 or go the *shudder* ipod 5.5/Rockbox route.
I haven't tried it myself, but is the "year" field in tags restricted to strictly numeric?

In other words, if you don't depend on browsing by [Years], then it becomes a second available "years-playlist" type of tag field. You could thus retain your existing genre values, and use the "years" field to designate playlist names... assuming you can put something there that's not a true numeric year.

I may experiment with that myself. I do know that with firmware version 2.25, Cowon has limited the distinct number of [Years] values it can track in its tags database to 40 distinct year values. So if you browse by [Years] you will only see music files with the "oldest" 40 values in the "year" tag field. I don't think this should present any problems for your possible use of the "year" tag field for a "year-playlist".

But again, since there's only one "year" tag field, you can only have a track in one of these "year-playlist" playlists, separate from your "genre".
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