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Originally Posted by ballincolin View Post
The eject solution did not work for me. I ended up having to format my P3 (so I recommend backing it up first), and since then I've just had to be careful to always eject it when removing from my Mac.
Actually, the complete opposite is true.
In my numerous (and still on-going) tests, I have less issues when I don't eject the drive, and just pull the plug. This prevents OSX from doing its final organizing, but it also means that the offending ._[file name here] files are still left intact.

Also, once you have received the "No space for DB" error, you will most likely have to backup, format, and restore. This is a problem with way that Nucleus OS on the P3 runs the new media scanner.

If you all are having trouble download the automatic file-cleaner, you can use this like here.
Sorry I'm so late in helping you all, but I hope this works.
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