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I've got the same problem. No reason why it occured. I just plugged it into my laptop and deleted a 900mb folder with a 192kbs audiobook, stuck in another audiobook which took up about 700mb and clicked the safely remove button in windows.

Now, it freezes at "system startup" with the blue bar maybe 1/4 across. If I plug it back into my pc, it just startsup and freezes at the same point and it's not showing up in "My Computer". So re-flashing doesn't look possible.

Only way I manage to exit it is by using the reset pin hole at the back since I can't even turn it off using the off switch..

Is it over?

Spoke to one of Cowon's UK distributors who said that there have been reports of Windows 7 x64 and one of the MAC OS's corrupting the system files on the S9, J3 and I-something or the other, lol. Apparently it's something Cowon are aware of and are trying to work on it. Apparently the Android firmware seems immune so the D3 is fine.

I was advised to try leaving it on the frozen screen till the battery runs out completely. Then plug it into my PC and see if that helps. some people have found this helps to reboot whatever the underlying cause of the stalled boot up is.

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