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Originally Posted by tovarnak View Post
thx for ur input h1a8, really appreciated.
well, sm3 v2 looked good on paper to me too, but unfortunatelly they turned out to be highly over my intended budget, they are currently unavailable on amazon, there is no official dealer of EarSonics in our country (and I am sure if there were one, it would be heavily overpriced as every electronic here) and price in original ES eshop is 350e(+38e for shipping), so its in 500$+ category and being almost 200$ above my max is just too much.
About copper vs gold, I am more like silver guy, so neither of those match me, but I still prefer copper over gold. Also coppers (as earphones) seem to be designed as upgrade from golds, but I read they kinda sound different with gold being a bit more special sounding and coppers being more balanced.
So I guess with IE8 being off the battle due to insufficient isolation, I need to pick between Monsters Copper vs MDT or find sm3's for much lower price (maybe amazon will stock them by the time I get money :P ).
Try here
They usually have coupons and great sales. I'm fairly sure you can get a least 10% off. Try head-fi and ask around. Also maybe someone is selling them in the classified ad there.

If you can deal with the blue cord then the miles davis are pretty good sounding. The have a lot of bass and decent midrange. It's just that the soundstage is rather smallish. The for balance you can't go wrong with the coppers. Just know that the sm3 is a little bit better than those two though.
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