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Default Need stylish IEMs for ~300$

Since I am getting some money this summer, I decided that I want to expand my headphones collection. I currently own Audio-technica ATH-EW9 portable clip-ons, I love them but I am in need of something for noisy environment (you know, when you are vacuum cleaning, mowing etc). Eventhought I dont rly like the feeling of putting smth into my ear, IEM is the best I can get for my purposes.

My demands are:
budget: lets say it can go up to 350-400$, but below 300$ would be ideal (well, its also important to say I live in Slovakia, and in most cases shipping+taxes from amazon are not under 100$ for this kind of good, so keep that in mind)
isolation: well, it doesnt need to be top-notch, but still more than decent, in numbers it would be 7.5+/10
comfort: 9+ out of 10
sound performance: balanced with capability to bass-it-up
genres: I listen to a lot of genres, from metal/rock (like Iron Maiden, Nightwish, Queen etc) through classic (mostly trumpet, piano and symphonical concertos, but I like classical recordings of all kind) and techno-classic (like Vanessa Mae, Caitlin, Escala) to jazz (Louis Armstrong), occasionally I do some pop (Michael Jackson rox)
source: Cowon J3 (top mp3 player, songs mostly in FLAC) but its possible that I will use them sometimes with PC
look: eventhought its not as important as noise cancelling and SQ, but I like stylish things

To be more specific on what I would like to have, I want IEMs which provides excellent sound quality, balanced through whole sound stage but with potential of good handling of bass heavy source (when I listen to Nightwish or Iron Maiden, I want it really bassy).
I have done some research in last couple of days, and my favourites at the moment are Monsters Miles Davis Tribute; they are pretty stylish, a lot of (maybe the most of all) accessories included in basic package and from what I read so far, pretty much also what I want in SQ. Its also has lifetime warranty, which is big plus. But there are a lot of competitors that had equal or even maybe slightly better review in some aspects (I can remember Monster Turbine Pro Copper, Sennheiser IE8, Ultimate Ears 5 pro and Shure 535).
So, if you have some recommendations, comparisons and bad experiences with IEMs in that price range, feel free to write it down here, every help is appreciated.

Regards, John
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