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Default how do i put lyrics on my mp3?

im not quite sure how to do it .
help me??
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Hiya, Katrina, and Welcome to ABi!

In order to properly answer your question, it would be helpful to know exactly which player you have.

To the best of my knowledge, no Zen-series player has direct lyric-display support, and few MP3 players in general (outside of some sold exclusively in Asia) have this support.

Edit: Although I deleted your other thread because it was a duplicate of this one, I noted that you have a Muvo V100, which does indeed support lyric display. Upon reviewing its User Guide, I see that the software that came with your player has a Lyric Editing function that you may wish to use. Here's what it says in the manual:
  • Connect your player to your computer
  • Double-click the My Computer icon on your desktop. Alternatively, click Start >My Computer. You will notice that your player is recognized as a Removable Disk
  • Double-click Creative MuVo V100 Media Explorer
  • Click the Browse Data icon.
  • Locate and select the WMA or MP3 file you want to edit.
  • Click the Lyrics Editor button on the Creative Media Explorer toolbar.
  • Add or edit your audio file's lyrics and click the OK button.
From a technical standpoint, it appears the V100 makes use of the special text field as part of ID3v2.3 specifications. There are some third-party ID3 Tag editors that will allow you to embed lyrics into your MP3 files. ID3 Tag Tools is one such program you could try.

Hope all this helps!
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Hi, ZenChick. I just became a member of ABi. I have a Sony WALKMAN. What kind? Sony WALKMAN NWZ-E354. S/N: 5203875. For a whole entire year now, I kept on reading my WALKMAN User Guide on how to add lyrics to my SONY WALKMAN MP3. I followed all the directions they have given me. What I don't understand is that the directions don't give a step-by-step sample image. Why do I say this? Because the only example they give is "for example, "abc.lrc". Does this mean put only the initials for the song with ".lrc"? Here is my example: "hsm.lrc". ("High School Musical" by the High School Musical 3 Cast). Is that what the "not-so-helpful-directions" are telling me? That is what I am thinking. Last year I did as they told me to, and the UNICODE-8 or whatever they say it is, would let me put the folder in my MP3, but told me that the folder is unacceccable. I know I did something wrong, but I don't know what that "wrong" is. Can you pretty please fully explain on how to do this, because I'm getting frustrated because I'm really not doing it right or something. And my computer is an HP Pavillion Windows 7. So that it can be easier to help me, since you know what kind of computer I have. I tried looking for help on the Internet on how to add lyrics to my WALKMAN for Windows 7, but no luck. Forget rereading my user guide-it's no help. Also if possible, can you please make a step-by-step video on how to add lyrics for the kind of SONY WALKMAN I have for Windows 7? Thanks. Particularly in YouTube? Thanks so much.
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hsm3ecotinohio1, two points to mention
1 - you brought back a thread thatís long been dead, since 01-10-2008
2 - ZenChick hasnít been on since 03-28-2010 (if you're looking at old posts, you should check a user profile before you bring it back from the dead)

I do use mediamonkey but canít help with adding lyrics as I donít bother with it. But I have read that mediamonkey users have developed some scripts that work with third party tools such as EvilLyrics, so you may want to search for those tutorials.

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