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Thanks esanthosh and steinburger,
I completely forgot to mention that iam currently in the UK, sorry about that. I based those prices for the Ortofon e-Q5 on:
and the Vsonics on:
Since both ship worldwide. I am willing to spend ~$250 or ~155 pounds on a new pair of IEMs.

I read your review esanthosh, first of all nice review and comparison! it seems like the GR07 are not really my thing, the sibilance would bother me and the "who should buy it" section at the end of the review further confirms my doubts.
haha i have never heard of the Sony EX 600 but i will check them out, despite your honest description of their flaws. After all isolation and comfort also play an important role in my opinion.

Thanks for the links anyway steinburger, i can get the panasonic on for 99 pounds which is fine, even though they take a month or so to dispatch for some reason.

So i guess overall iam looking for an upgrade from my Phonaks- a higher tier than the Phonaks. Iam not sure if thats possible considering my limited price range.

*thanks again for the list esanthosh, i guess the e-Q5 are the best for me in this comparison. Since the sony lack the isolation and fit. Whereas the GR07 have too much sibilance but iam not sure about the CKM99, havent heard much about them. Gunna check them out though.

**Okay i have narrowed down my options to either the e-Q5 or the HJE900. I really cant decide between the two, both have their pros and cons. According to the reviews the Panasonic are fun and lively sounding earphones, however a couple of people mentioned they are quite sibilant - although there seems to be mod for that...somewhere. Whereas the e-Q5, according to dfkt's review they are a step up to the Phonak's and dont seem to be lacking anything. Overall in other reviews i cant find something noticeably bad about them. But is the comfort comparable to the PFE? Are how are the microphonics? Thanks for help, further advice or suggestions would be much appreciated

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