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Originally Posted by saxmaster765 View Post
Do you know that tapping on a network that pops up will begin to connect it? This question isn't to be a jerk; I'm just making sure.

If you do already know and that doesn't work, try a different network, and then try your own again. This probably won't work, but it won't hurt to try.

Depending on security measures taken, also check your wireless router settings and see if there's a setting that tells how many devices you can connect. I had to add an extra one for my Zune and you may have to also.
I would click on the network but it doesn't show up on the tv. I'm able to connect to my home network when the zune is not in the dock. The problem is that when it's in the dock it doesn't ask me if i would like to turn on wireless or even show me any networks that I could connect to. It just doesn't want to connect or turn on the wifi. Outside of the dock everything works fine.
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