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Ok a bit of an update since its been a few months.

I have since bought a 32 GB external card for it and this morning reformatted both cards using DSperbers formatting links (Great little program BTW). I put on a flac album and it doesn't show up in either internal or external card. Changing it to .fla and everything works, in either card.

Pencom said:

No here is the weird part of it....
I later copied some FLAC files WITOUT renaming them and noticed that they DID show up enven with the .FLAC ext.!
I then renamed ALL the .FLA file to .FLAC and now my J3 can see ALL the FLAC files that it previously could not!.
This is really weird, but it now works 100% with.FLAC files.


I was hoping my player would "learn" to play flac just like this guy but it hasn't happened. Also, just a FYI, .fla file extension USED to be a .flac file extension in the early days but Adobe flash has since taken over the .fla extension. I believe this is where the problem is within the firmware - although its weird as hell flacs work for some & not for others.

DSperber, would you happen to have a link to where I could send a troubleshooting ticket to Cowon? I would sure like this issue fixed in the next patch or so - I can't imagine having to change the name of every file whenever I want to throw on some flacs.

Perhaps someone has some new ideas to figure this out!

Thanks all.


edit - see the support ticket link in the above post but still cannot find where to actually put in the ticket.

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