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Originally Posted by glove4 View Post
I have waited for a long time to hear somebody on this forum who actually considers important the fact that these gadgets are made in miserable conditions, but a step from de facto slavery. I thought I was the only one! The whole system, however, is geared towards ceaseless profit, and so it couldn't really be any other way. It is in all manufacturers interest to keep wages as low as possible, benefits non-existent, and working conditions stifling. There is I think way too much worship of CEO's and the companies they run around here. I think it is perfectly possible to enjoy the technology being put out by the WORKERS who put them together without giving a damn about the the company, especially the parasites who run them.
I'm so glad you pointed this out too. The conditions these are made in is horrible and something must be done. As of now, we can't live without our gadgets, and this need for profit pushes us too far. In order to stop this, the value of human life has to be supported by all societies.
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