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Old 06-22-2011, 03:18 PM
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Originally Posted by JimInPT View Post
I have almost 13,000 128k WMA tracks and about 6 full-length movies on my J3 (32G + 32G) and it's working just fine. When I researched it, I found specs that said 8,000 music tracks on both internal and external memory for a total of 16,000.
You are the first I know of to actually confirm what the manual specs state. It's been discussed that perhaps the specs reflect a typo or maybe a Korean->English translation typo, but your numbers would actually support what the manual says:

That shows a max of 8000 music files along with a max of 4000 other files on internal storage, and another max of 8000 music files and a max of 4000 other files on external storage.

Also, 12,000 max folders on internal storage and also 12,000 max folders on external storage.

I believe the separate limit on 8000+8000 music files is probably due to the finite size of the "tags database" used by the Music browser.

Note also that starting with firmware 2.24 Cowon made an unannounced and undocumented change to the [Years] subset of the "tags database, in that there is now a limit of 40 distinct years available to the tags-based browser when looking for Music -> [Years]. If you have music files whose tags represent more than 40 distinct years, then only the oldest 40 year values will be shown in the displayed list of [Years]. Any years newer than these oldest 40 will simply not be shown in the [Years] browser list (although those music files can obviously still be accessed and played using a variety of other browser methods.... just not using the [Years] method).

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