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Well it won't be fixed for 3 reasons:
-I'm not even sure it is a firmware issue. I guess it's rather a hardware problem
-Even if it was a firmware issue it wouldn't be fixed because indeed, what you heard is what I said here: fw 1.25 is probably the last one as I'm the single person to report bugs to Samsung Korea for this model as far as I know and I stopped to report bugs for the R0. Anyways, even if I reported bugs further, the R&D would not release a new firmware unless there is a critical bug.
-I repeat again: "There is also such a noise on the Q3 and Samsung told me that is considered as normal as long as you don't hear it with standard/default earbuds." If they consider this noise as normal, there is no reason for them to fix it.

I'm sorry
I'm French^^ *GenerationMP3 Samsung Moderator*
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