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A 16GB R0 for 55?! I have looked for that for weeks and I'm still unable to find such a deal on the internet

Here is a discussion I had in PM. I don't know if we talk about the same thing though?

Originally Posted by lebellium
Originally Posted by hershey22

This is what I was talking about in my initial post awhile back...I think it was posted by Chrisjj who said he sent the player back to amazon:

-8- Track step causes a fast fade including two clicks and then a "short buzz" before the next track starts. The clicks and buzz sound even in Stopped state.

I'm not sure what exactly he means by track step but this is a consistent noise that is before and after the start of each track...also hear noise on powerup app startup when you see the Samsung name and RO. Do you know what causes this noise and have you noticed it? Very annoying.
I also hear a clic/buzz sound when I press on "next" or "prev" to change the track. There is also such a noise on the Q3 and Samsung told me that is considered as normal as long as you don't hear it with standard/default earbuds. They don't make/design and test their mp3 players with very sensible IEM like yours and mine.
I also hear a fade in effect when I skip a track but only at high volume. I can hear it with my PC speakers but with my IEM I don't hear it because I can't go over volume 15/30 without destroying my ears.
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