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Welcome to ABi

Sorry to hear about your volume rocker. Have you checked on the chances of getting it repaired under warranty? The Sansa warranty is 1 year on players bought new. It's my understanding that within that time period with a receipt the process is pretty painless. If you bought it online the supplier should still have a copy of the invoice to act as a receipt.

If that doesn't work Rockbox does offer volume adjustment in the menu settings. If you need to go that route I'd suggest you use the link in my sig to get a better idea of what it all about. There's a learning curve to Rockbox. If you can read and follow directions it not too bad but it's definitely there. Before you actually install Rockbox I strongly recommend you read the manual through at least through Browsing And Playing. Digging into the Main Menu won't hurt either.

Here's hoping you can get your player fixed as the first option. If not Rockbox will let you take control of your volume again. It's not a easy as the volume rocker but it does work.
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clip+, volume button broken

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