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Originally Posted by Carson Dyle View Post
Other than cost reasons, I just can't see using a portable player in the main stereo system. Not just the audio quality compromise, but the inconvenience of hooking up and disconnecting it when you want to take it with you, then having to put it back again when you want to listen to music from your server. And if you don't ever want to disconnect it, why use a portable player to begin with?
I completely agree with you. When I first started this search, I was not aware of all the available options. I thought using a portable device would be the reasonable option. Sonos is too expensive and proprietary; all I want it the streaming solution, I have a great receiver and speakers wired already.

The If I go Squeezebox, I'll go with the touch. It's still cheaper than replacing the CD player and I want the best sound quality I can get.
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