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Originally Posted by nodirectionhome View Post
It's perhaps the one and only thing I dislike about the J3 - it is kind of complicated switching between Music and Browser, Folder and Tags etc. to play music.
I think it also depends on how your music collection is organized. In my own situation, it is all in album folders, with albums under the artist, and all artists under \Music. Purely \Music\Artist\Albums.

Also, 100% of my music files (mix of FLAC and MP3) have completely accurate tags, including track numbers in the track number field of the tag.

I do not use track number to prefix the external file names. So the external file name of each music file exactly matches the internal "title" in the tag of that file.

Same with "album" in the tag, matching the \Album folder in which that music file is located. Same with "artist" in the tag, again matching the parent \Artist folder in which all of the subordinate albums live.

I do not use imbedded album art in any tag. Album art is 100% "cover.jpg" in each album folder.


I only use tags-based browsing 100% of the time, almost always on [Artists] and then picking an artist, and then either using [All Tracks] if I just want to play that artist for a "concert", or perhaps just a single album if I have a particular favorite and feel in that mood (e.g. "Rubber Soul" instead of [All Tracks] for The Beatles).

I don't really browse or play music based on true genre, although I realize that others might. So instead, I've used the "genre" tag field to hold an artificial "genre-playlist" value (e.g. Playlist1, Playlist2, etc.) as my way of overcoming the J3's firmware limitation that does not support single M3U playlist files referencing music files on BOTH internal and external storage of the J3. I realize that means any track can only appear in one "genre-playlist", but I can live with that limitation.

Furthermore, if I choose to have a music file in FLAC rather than my high-quality MP3 form, that defines a "super favorite". And I use FLAC as the "genre-playlist" value for those files. So I can play my #1 favorite playlist that contains only my "super favorites", by browsing Music -> [Genres] and choosing "FLAC" as the genre. By definition, since this plays all FLAC files in the collection, it is guaranteed to be nothing but "winners" (in my mind).

===>> I never use [Folders]. I only use tags-based browsing. So there is nothing complicated, and there's just no reason to use Browser instead of Music. If I start up the J3 I might just as well push Music and immediately go right back into Player, playing the last track I was playing when I last powered it off.

Why use Browser which puts me into a display of the last album/playlist in effect, rather than actually playing the last track I was playing? If I want to see the playlist I can easily just tap the "lines" icon on the player and be there? But 99.9% of the time I'd just as soon go from Music -> playing music. Why require an extra tap with Music -> playlist -> playing music when I don't really want that 99.9% of the time?

Obviously, it just depends on how you use the J3 and play music. My use is pretty basic, but 100% tags-based.

I know nothing about Sony devices. The J3 is my first and only PMP.
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