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Originally Posted by FallenArms3 View Post
That's what the rest of my quote is about: there are no books that I know of which cover the Zune HD's touchscreen. Basically, very few people care about it. If you need help with that you can scan ZuneBoards (where most Zune devs are), and in the meantime I will try to compile a nice tutorial on how to effectively use the touchscreen.

Edit: AAaaand 2 hours later I've finished it! Quite a masterpiece if I do say so myself... And I do! At least it took forever!

I should get paid for this -.-

Thank you so much!! This is very helpful, and I would have to agree it is a masterpiece . I will have to check out Zuneboards for more information, as you mentioned. Can't say this enough but thank you for spending your time to clearly explain everything, I know it took a lot of time to write.
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