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Originally Posted by dubman2 View Post
thanks mate. the only problem now is that iv'e lost my playlists
Please be a bit more specific. What do you mean "I've lost my playlists"... do they not show up any more in Music -> [Playlists]? Do they show up but when you tap them you see "No Files"?

What is your real symptom?

Installing new firmware should NOT affect your M3U playlists, assuming that's what you're talking about.

M3U playlists need to be (a) saved on the internal storage of the J3, and (b) should refer to music files only on internal storage of the J3.

They can be placed anywhere (i.e. in any album folders, if that's where you choose to put them) but they most sensibly should be collected in one common \Playlists folder somewhere on internal storage, probably right at the root level.

NOTE: a recent discovery about recent firmware (e.g. 2.25) suggests that Cowon has now [UNANNOUNCED IN ANY DOCUMENTATION OR ANNOUNCEMENT] added M3U playlist support for external storage in a fashion... but once again, still limited exclusively to 1-drive referencing music files on external storage if the M3U playlist is located on external storage.

So... if your M3U playlist is on internal storage, the music files referenced must also be on internal storage. Can't refer to music files on external storage.

And if you M3U playlist is on external storage, the music files referenced must also be on external storage. Can't refer to music files on internal storage.

They still haven't solved the M3U playlist goal of being able to have one M3U playlist support referenced music files on either internal or external storage.

Perhaps you had upgraded to 2.25 firmware (where the above change is now in effect), and your M3U playlists were stored on external storage but your music files are still on internal storage??? Don't know, but I just wanted to share this information.

Anyway, please describe your "lost playlists" now that you've upgraded firmware symptom more precisely.

Also, exactly what firmware have you now upgraded to?
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