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Default Choice for portable speakers.

Dear all, it seems not a lot of comments are put forward for the portable speaker systems. I wonder if there exists such a system that integrate both quality and mobility together.
Able to adapt to all kinds of system, from laptop to top notch mp3 players, reaching to the maximum quality of both out door and indoor requirements.
Long battery time, easy to carry around, but I guess the size and power will be such a limiting factor on the system.

Personally I would pursue after the quality instead of the mobilty, price being within 300$. I wonder if there is any recommendations.
P.S. I would expect such a system to at least have a TV quality sound effects, even if not HDTV/home theatre level.
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Moved thread to speakers forum.

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The X-Mini II Capsule Speaker, i brought it from overstock and all my friends are surprised by its sound and how loud it gets. You wont be disappointed
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Originally Posted by nakama View Post
The X-Mini II Capsule Speaker, i brought it from overstock and all my friends are surprised by its sound and how loud it gets. You wont be disappointed
Yep, I got the X-Mini II Max, so far everyone who has heard them playing has wanted to buy a set for themselves- in a word- amazing price(£25-£40) to perfomance ratio
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Heard the mini-ii max and I wasn't impressed. Instead, for $30 I'd recommend the fiio s9 portable speaker. It runs off usb ports when connected to your computer, or 4AA batteries when using an mp3 player.
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I have the Chill Pill or Tweakers. It is like the X-Mini but it is 2 of them in one package. And it has a rechargeable battery. I like it for traveling and for a better output than my computer speakers.
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best "pocket" portable sound system: soundmatters foxl.

best "small" portable sound system: bose sounddock portable.

best "big" portable sound system: altec lansing imt800 (harman kardon go+play sucks when run from batteries). the good old ipod hifi was also great.

best "huge" portable sound system: maybe the new TDK 3 speaker. it should pack lots of punch from what i have heard.
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I checked out the AudioEngine 5's today. they don't have any battery life, but they sounded pretty damn nice for the price. I think I might get a set and put them up against the KRK Rokit R6G2's and see which one comes out on top.

Which ever of the two wins will be my portable choice, even if it doesn't sound that portable to you, I can pack around 100 pounds easy enough.

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for me portable means no AC-power needed, otherwise i could also pack some yamaha pianocraft mini-hifi and call it "portable".
soundwise the audioengine definitely don't disappoint, but for me they are not portable.
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how big is "portable"? how about hold by one hand?
how long time you want to it display, 5-6 hours continuously?
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portable amp

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