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What firmware version are you using? Version 2.21 and 2.24 firmware have the same known defect, which results in no 95x95 miniatures that are used in Matrix Browser. This bug was corrected in 2.22 and is also fixed in 2.23, it returned in 2.24 and was fixed again in 2.25.

Is your USB connection MSC mode or MTP mode?

Do each of your music files have tags in them?

Do the tags contain an album name tag field value that match the presumed album folder names (in \Music\Artist\Folder structure)?

Do you have NO imbedded album art JPG's in your tags? In other words, is ALL of your album art represented by "cover.jpg" images in each \Album folder?

Just throwing out thoughts.

All new and updated "cover.jpg" album art images found in \Album folders should be discovered and miniaturized into ab_nnn.jpg image files in \System\MusicDB for use by Matrix Browser. ALBUMINF.DB is also built in \System\MusicDB for use by Matrix Browser.

If you delete the entire contents of \System\MusicDB, "safely remove hardware", disconnect the J3 and then re-boot, it should re-build everything it needs to back in \System\MusicDB... all of those ab_nnn.jpg miniatures as well as a new ALBUMINF.DB.

If you then reconnect the J3 and explore \System\MusicDB, you should see these rebuilt files there.

Have you tried deleting everything in \System\MusicDB and then seeing what happens?
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