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Old 05-12-2011, 01:46 PM
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Some additions to the Klipsch S4:

1) The cleaning tool has been discontinued, so it is not included when you order them now. A shirt clip is also not included anymore, as well a one of the three sets of single flanged tips!

2) The pflug is now a straight plug. Durability seems to be fine though, better than the angled one.

Now my three cents: The large single flanged tips are not big enough for me - I normally use the middle-sized ones of the CX300 or AKG 324P. At a first glance they seem to be big enough, but the pointy oval design does not help in this regard. Because the silicone tips are rather hard, it is especially hard to use ones tips that are a little bit to small, because you would have to push them deeper, which then hurts.
=> Isolation is really depends on your ears in this case, which also weakens the bass a bit (which I actually prefer). But outside I can hear everyone around me.

Sibilance is okayish. I've had heard worse (EP-630). Could be better, but it works for me. A little harshness in the high tones is there, and I hope that it will fade after more burning in...

Still, I would by them again.

EDIT: After about 24 hours of burn in the harshness is still apparent.

But I could lessen the isolation problem by inserting middle-sized tips from old Denons into the large Klipsch tips. They fit very well so that the oval shape of the Klipsch tips becomes round. Worked at least for me:

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