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mizuhikari: Building for multiple targets isn't all that much fun AFAICS. That's why people tend to stick to one type of player. (I have no idea how it's done on the build server. My guess is that they have one build environment per player, and each is sync'd to SVN.)

Here's a current Clip+ build of mine as of r29855, with just a couple of small things extra (FS#11304, FS#12094 "high gain", FS#12111).
Should sound a touch better than a stock build (much like dfkt's latest one which also includes FS#11304), and those having a set with RDA5802 FM tuner chip will notice that soft-muting is disabled and sensitivity might be a teeny tiny bit better. So it's sort of an audiophile DX edition.

Nothing too fancy so far, I need to learn some more before I get into extra features.
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