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Help Playing AAC audio on an mp4 player

I was wondering if it's possible to play AAC audio files on a player which is only supposed to support lame and wma, but supports mp4 video? What would be necessary? Put them in the video folder or is there more to it? Would it take up as much space as a whole video?
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What player is it?
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Will sticking a .m4a after the file name work (idk). Try it.
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I'm trying this w/ a Zen MX 8GB. Such a pain in the ass to find songs. I added it to "Music" catagory, but don't see file when I disconnect. Then I tried to add it to video with similar result. I really should know how to change the ext, but now my mind draws a blank. in Windows 7 there is a big picture of a white triangle w/ "M4A" in blue on it. Under song title, but above "contributing artist" is written "MPEG-4 Audio". Thanks.
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Looking at the creative FAQ entry, they claim that the ZenMX does not support MP4 video, and I see nothing about AAC audio, so most likely its not supported.
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