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I'm using the robocopy command line switches /mir and /dst to sync my player. /mir means mirror and will copy/update/delete files on the destination dir that are new/changed/deleted in the source dir. The /dst switch is important to handle file time differences caused by daylight saving time correctly.

Here's an example (where A: is the drive letter of the music archive, R: is the drive letter of the internal memory of the player, and M: is the SDHC card):

robocopy "A:\Musik\Genres\Blues, Jazz, Soul"  "R:\Music\Blues, Jazz, Soul" /mir /dst
robocopy "A:\Musik\Genres\Folk, World, Ethno" "R:\Music\Folk, World, Ethno" /mir /dst
robocopy "A:\Musik\Genres\Pop & Rock"         "R:\Music\Pop & Rock" /mir /dst
robocopy "A:\Musik\Genres\Sonstiges"          "R:\Music\Sonstiges" /mir /dst

robocopy "A:\Musik\Genres\Elektronik"         "M:\Music\Elektronik" /mir /dst
robocopy "A:\Musik\Genres\Klassik"            "M:\Music\Klassik" /mir /dst
robocopy "A:\Musik\Genres\Relax, New Age"     "M:\Music\Relax, New Age" /mir /dst
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