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Originally Posted by lestatar View Post
dfkt, do you think this will have any kind of impact at all on the sound signature?
For sealed armatures the housing doesn't really matter, only the length and diameter of the sound tube leading into the ear. If the nozzle - and the acoustic filter in it - are the same, they very likely sound the same.

However, I read the SM3v2 have 24 Ohm impedance, while the SM3v1 have 17 Ohm impedance. With multi-armature IEMs with crossovers, one Ohm more or less can make quite some difference (much more than with dynamic drivers) - so I guess they redesigned the crossover or used slightly different tuned armatures. Franck Lopez from EarSonics however states they sound the same.

Needless to say, I am really curious about those new ones, with the SM3v1 being my favorite IEMs, and all.
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