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Sounds like that could be a handy little utility. I'll be sure to drop it on my laptop as soon as I can - hopefully, it'll help solve the mystery of the missing metadata.

ETA: Bit of an update, folks - perhaps some clues that will help resolve this mystery once and for all.

First, Windows claims the metadata is present in the files, both on the computer and on the Zen Touch 2, and MP3tag confirms it.

Second, a straight copy-and-paste didn't work any better than standard syncing - in fact, it seemed to work worse, as the Zen Touch 2 is claiming that more files have missing metadata when I move them via copy and paste. The only difference is that it seems to be more scattershot when I use the copy-and-paste method - the files with supposedly-missing metadata are scattered throughout the tracks I copy, instead of it being albums X, Y, and Z that don't show up.

I'm going to try an experiment with one of my microSD cards and see if maybe putting music on one of those (via a microSD adapter plugged into my laptop's SD card slot) would work better than transferring it to the player's internal memory.

Edit #2: Another piece of information that might be helpful - apparently, Winamp 5.61 no longer sees the player's internal memory as an Android-based device, but as a generic USB drive. (The microSD slot, however, shows up as an Android device, which is rather odd.)
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