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I will just say that hope you do not need to contact support, it has not been a good experience. Would I buy one again? No. All I wanted was a music player that had bluetooth and played aac+ files (since we can never get enough storage for mp3), for a while it played these files and worked well with BT. For a while any file played for a short time, got all distorted, then I turned the player off in frustration. After three weeks of waiting I was finally given an RMA that I had to pay the shipping on when I knew this was a firmware issue. Another 2 weeks and new firmware cured the distortion issues but the BT is giving me grief. We still do not have the advertised Flash support, we still do not have the "wonderful" dual boot option listed on the web page (it in fact voids you warranty), both equal false advertising. The support people are really slow, and rude. And one of my speakers quit working making it useless as a skype phone without a BT headset that may or may not connect after you get them successfully paired. And no I haven't done the market hack on the latest firmware, haven't loaded any apps except a better calculator (which has now been replaced by a real calculator so it will be gone). There is the normal gap between the halves amd the touchscreen sometimes works great, sometimes is junk depending on what they did in the firmware and which version I am running.

The only good thing I can say is that the built in music player works in a more logical fashion than the HTC phone my brother just bought, I basically like the Archos version of the music player.

In short I can no longer recommend these devices.
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