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Old 04-28-2011, 11:03 PM
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Well after seeing positive impressions starting to rack up on HF, I decided to spring for a pair of the DT 1350's. At first I didn't like them very much, but I'm starting to appreciate them quite a bit. They're quite neutral, and if there's any focus it's in the mids. When I go back to listening to my Pro 900's, I can definitely hear that slight recession in the midrange which is talked about. Their treble is very very smooth yet detailed. Probably the most mellow while still being resolved that I've heard. They make the TMA-1's seem like they have almost no treble at all! And I mean they do this while having not a trace of harshness, even on some of my most biting and difficult music material (specifically Mogwai's Mr. Beast album). The soundstage is bigger than on the TMA-1's too. And their bass is close in terms of quantity and impact. It seems the flatter pads, somewhat tighter clamping force, and split headband all do their parts to improve fit over the T50p's.

One negative is that they're pretty hard to drive, especially for a portable. With my Sony X alone I can quickly get up to almost max, and it's still nowhere near too loud. Also, they are a touch flat and unexciting with just the Sony. But throw the Arrow into the mix, and then things are much much different. The Sony/Arrow/DT 1350 is a really wonderful sounding, highly portable setup.

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