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Old 04-27-2011, 10:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Keeper View Post
(b) Time Flow -hold your finger on the album art and the picture angles to make room for a list of songs on the album that is currently playing. In this mode, you can swipe the album art to engage Album Flow
After 1,5 years I never noticed that!

but for some reason my album titles all show as Unknown - no big issue since I certainly know which album I am looking at, but still odd.
That's because the R1 doesn't recognize tags for vorbis file

1. I am all for appealing to little girls - It's about time - but my -This widget-dominating cartoonish UI is a bit much.. no.. it is a LOT much!
You can remove the widgets

2. What the hell is with the clock - Accuracy is non-existent!
Never had problem with the clock

3. Accelerometer - Fail -
There is no accelerometer!

While listening to a song, you can change the orientation from landscape to portrait - but if you engage any othe function while listening to your music, the orientation reverts back to landscape until you return to your song.
For this reason I never use it in portrait.

4. I find that I have to go through too many screens to get where I want to go - about two too many steps for me.
Sometimes you can just keep touching to avoid some screens. e.g: from the main screen, while listening music, keep touching the music icon to go directly to "Listening", from "Listening" keep touching the arrow to return to the main screen.

6. Transitioning from one album to the next requires going back into the music menu - If you use your browser to play by songs, then you can swipe the screen to go from one song to the next - this is not the case if you select Albums in the browser.
There is always the way you explained before to change album!

I will do some research and learn how to mod the UI - make it more pleasing to my taste.
The only thing you can change is the main screen (but you need adobe flash to do that). The other screens are part of the firmware and there are no tools to modify it (if you're a programmer you can find the source code, otherwise don't even lose time). Go in the UCI's thread so you can understand better what can be changed.
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