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Originally Posted by cnhardwick View Post
Are you sure it is not the Klipsch Image S3? For what it is worth what I have read about the the S3 is mostly negative. But take that with a grain of salt as I have seen positive comments too. Generalizing based on my experienced with the ProMedia (AKA S4) I would say Klipsch are overpriced. The S4 is not a bad IEM, but at $80 there is simply too much competition for me to recommend it. At $40 or less it becomes a little more appealing. Given that the S4 is Klipsch top-tier consumer IEM, I imagine the S3 at that price is probably not a good deal (they go for $30 here in the US BTW).

I cannot say I have heard much about the UE 500. For what it is worth, the UE 600 is just a rebranded SuperFi 5 whereas the UE 500 is an entirely new IEM.
Ah, okayy thanks a lot

I believe it is the S3 because it states to in the specifications.

I guess I'll save up on the ultimate ears .
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