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Originally Posted by lebellium View Post
*snip* I unsuccessfully tried to brick my R0 many many times. Even with 'problematic' files from users I sometimes cannot reproduce the bug. *snap*
i so honestly envy you.

Originally Posted by lebellium View Post
*snip* ....the library update issue mostly occurs with "exotic files" (encoding format, unusual bitrate and sampling, big album art, long filenames etc etc). *snap*
not as i could recall any files that would fit your description.
big album art and / or long file names could be a reason theoretically.

what ever "exotic" means, i presume you have also tried these kind of files, havent you? nothing happened? than i doubt those parameters are really the reason.
also... dont you think a player should either warn you about those kind of files? or just skip them?
just my thoughts.

Originally Posted by lebellium View Post
*snip* ....And with normal VBR MP3 files encoded with Lame and normal id3tags v2.3 I've never experienced any issue. *snap*
please dont get me wrong, lebellium. i know my questions could sound offensive. that is not meant to offend you!
but.... *that* sounds like
"oh sorry you bricked your player. you should have sticked to "normal". sorry we didnt mentioned that!"
again, no offence!
just dissapointed.
and i think my arguments are ok.

Originally Posted by lebellium View Post
*snip* ....And bear in mind for any product: disappointed users are always the loudest ones. Then there is the silent majority....
that is a very good point! and so true.
i never forget that one!

must just be my bad luck. (sarcasm intended! )

how ever, thx for your time and help.
i mean that!
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