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Originally Posted by dduckquack View Post
except that i can now create playlists on the external memory using 2.25

Would you care to elaborate?

Are you saying you can create an M3U playlist on the PC (using what program?) and save it on the J3's internal storage (probably in \Playlists?), and have that M3U playlist reference music files that are on both internal and external storage of the J3?

I would be stunned if this were true... since nobody (including Cowon's text description of what's in 2.25) has made any mention of this rather GIGANTIC change which has never before been available in the J3.

Am I misinterpreting what you said?

Or are you just talking about using PLA playlists and connecting in MTP mode, instead of M3U playlists and MSC mode? PLA playlists and MTP mode have ALWAYS (not just in 2.25) supported referenced music files on both internal and external storage... but PLA playlists are unbelievably inconvenient to work with, since they're limited to manipulation ONLY by Windows Explorer (if you want to reference music files on both internal and external storage).

Or are you talking about creating and storing an M3U playlist ON EXTERNAL STORAGE which references music files only on external storage?? Putting an M3U playlist on external storage has always been a NO-NO in the past, as many users have reported horrible results (thousands of duplicate file names, etc.). Are you suggesting Cowon's now supported M3U playlists stored on external storage, which refers to music files also on external storage? Again... I would have expected them to mention that in their README for 2.25, if that's what they did (so they probably didn't, and I'm still not understanding what you're getting at with your comment).
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