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Yes, as usual Coachop is absolutely correct.
I have bought several of these Zif connectors and they are real cheap.
Here is one on eBay right now...
Also if you determine that it is in fact the bad drive, then you have options of what to put back in. You can save some money and just put in a 30gb drive. The hitachi 30gb drives are really cheap.
If you decide that you can afford the 60g drive it will be hitachi 08k1571. If you get rich, you can upgrade to 100 or 120gb by purchasing the Toshiba MK1011gah or the MK1214gah.
So get the adapter and check the drive.
A little warning, my experience is that when it says "hardware problem" it is mostly the controller on the motherboard. But I think that you are better off starting with the least expensive part and trying that first.
An added plus? If your board is dead and you have a good drive, you can use the 60gb drive in your drive enclosure that you bought for a 60gb USB backup for your PC!
Good luck!
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