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Default Headphones sound correction? Possible?

Greetings to You all.
I've got a problem and want to ask You for advice.
I had beyerdynamic dt235 and sansa clip+ as a portable set.
But yesterday it were crushed by car.
Then I found my old sennheiser HD428 headphones with a broken cable to use with my Zune.
Had nothing to do but recable them.
Found a cord left from my guitar, some high quality thin-section stranded wire and a neutrik plug.
I learned that there is no differences on the resistance and capacity between those cables and using second variant started to solder.
Before I did this Sennheisers were sound OK with their stock wire.
But now got no pleasure from listening and always stay focused on the low-mid frequencies that became too forward.

So is there anything that I could do to "repair" them ?
p.s. I don't want to buy a new portables yet

By the way. Sorry for the wall of text and bad English. It's not my native language.
Cheers, Evan.

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Not sure how good the EQ is on the Zune(I've heard it was horrible but never tried it).

But if you have a customizable EQ then you could adjust the frequencies on it and make them sound a little better.

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