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Originally Posted by noisepixie View Post

I have ploughed my way through the threads you linked but I am still not too clear about what I need to do about this problem of the RO being stuck in in cycle of System Checking. Am I meant to send it back to Samsung then? If so which is the best place for the UK? Do I get a refund on the post?
You will need to send it off. Just remember, that the support guys you speak to on the phone are not "all there" - they are completely clueless as to the process of you sending your player off for repair. You will need to feed them the information instead of in the other order.

Give them a call. Tell them you need your R0 repaired and want them to send a "FREEPOST REPAIRTECH" bag to you. Repairtech is the company name, and so you should be able to send the player free, as this company is a registered company with the post office that allows free delivery.

When you ask for the freepost repairtech bag, they will NOT know what you are talking about. But keep demanding it. Maybe eventually they will talk to a superior who may or may not know what a freepost repairtech bag is. But I favour heavily the "maybe not" part.

If you are lucky, you will start moving forward and they will ask for a copy of you receipt for the purchase. I just scanned and emailed to them as this is the quickest.

Then when your "FREEPOST REPAIRTECH bag arrives in the mail, stick it in there and send it off.

I have to admit that when I sent my R1 off a few times for repair I sent it recorded even with the freepost tag. Just so I'm covered. As there seems to be a habit of things being sent to repairtech and being lost.

Its really a shitty process, but it will ensure that you are careful next time you copy anything on (checking what you copy on thoroughly, and copying small amounts)
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