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Arrow Right Zune Software Doesn't Install or Work Properly...

I must say that I'm considering selling my Zune player because I've finally had enough with the software problems, and what good is a player that requires software to work if the software itself doesn't work properly?

Here are the two final situations that have put me on my last straw:

1. I'm trying to RE-install Zune onto this laptop. It doesn't install. It only sits there, reading "Downloading Updates...100%". It will never stop saying that until it's stopped, and you can restart your computer, completely delete and attempt to reinstall Zune, and go to every different Zune installer option available out there and it still does the same thing once it gets to "Downloading Updates...100%". I can't even remember what problem that I had exactly which made me have to delete zune in the first place so I would have to reinstall it with hopes that it would work.

2. I figured that if it doesn't work on this laptop, then I could always go back to the OTHER back up computer I also have Zune software installed on. Interestingly, somehow, now when I sync my zune to that other computer and set it to show the music that's currently on my Zune device, it (magically) shows it - AT THE STATE IN WHICH IT WAS MONTHS AGO, DESPITE THE FACT that I've updated and changed quite a few things in my actual Zune players playlist(s) since then! I thought "well, maybe I should just completely delete Zune software and reinstall it after restarting that computer and it will be forced to display what's actually on my Zune player, NOW, when I ask it to show me what's on my Zune player as of now. So, I delete and reinstall, reset up the sync and everything, and even set the Zune player to transfer (or reverse sync) the files from my Zune to the software - and what does it do? THE EXACT SAME THING! It somehow reads and takes the playlists - as they were months ago and not only shows my Zune player playlists that way, but also reverse syncs the music from my player to the software that exact same way as well - even going as far as to act as if none of the new files I added on my Zune player are really there!

How is this happening when clearly my Zune playlists and files have been changed, and NEW things have been added to it since the last time I used that (2nd back up) computer? How is the "show what's on your Zune" option displaying what my playlist looked like a few months ago every time I connect my Zune player - when the Zune player playlists and content itself has been changed since then? I'm really stumped on how the software can display and show me something that isn't even real or accurate - especially when the Zune player itself clearly shows and plays back the NEW and changed files, indicating that the software "is lying".

I surely hope this is a problem that can be fixed because after over 5 days of trying to rectify this/these aggravating problems, I'm beginning to believe that owning a Zune player is pointless, especially if my purpose for having it is to be able to take my mixes & other projects with me as I move about / travel and I can't even put anything new on it (from any computer).

Yes, - I could just create and add a new playlist so I wouldn't have to be hassled with the other playlists, but I've almost used up my entire 30 gigabytes and will eventually have to somehow open and edit the other playlists - which is impossible if the software only shows the files on my Zune as they were a few months ago. There's also the possibility of just deleting (and losing) everything on my Zune player, starting over, then having the chance that THE SAME THING happens again.
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