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Default 399 Track limit in playlists??? WTF?

This is really pathetic. I have two playlists that I generally use when listening to music: "Favorites" (about 450 songs), and "Music" (3000+ songs). The latter is so I can shuffle my entire music collection without it picking up the handful of spoken word tracks (comedy, podcasts, etc.) that are on the player.

Now I come to find that my brand new J3 can't handle either of these playlists. Both of my previous music players had no problem with large playlists, why the hell does Cowon think 399 is an acceptable limit?

Is there any way around this limitation?

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If you don't have any particular concern about "genre", I have often suggested using "genre" as if it were a "playlist name".

Assuming all of your music files have tags, the J3 builds a database from tag fields at boot time. There is no limit to the number of rows in this database for each tag field (although there is an annoying new limitation of 40 columns in the [Years] database starting with firmware 2.24, though hopefully Cowon will back out this limitation in 2.26 if we're lucky).

So, simply put your 450+ "favorites" into a genre named "Favorites" (you can make up any genre value you want in a tag), and put your other 3000+ songs in a second genre (again, named whatever you want).

That's it. Now all you have to do is browse by Music -> [Genres] and pick either of these two special genre values, and you're off and running... with no 399 limit on the size of anything. Note of course that since there's only ONE "genre" field value per music file tag, the same music file cannot be in more than one "genre playlist" at a time. Hopefully you can figure out how to deal with this limitation.

You can use MP3Tag to easily select and mass-tag the "genre" value into whatever you want to change.

Oh... one more super advantage to this trick approach is that it is NOT limited to "internal storage" only. The J3's firmware has a limitation on M3U playlists that restricts their referenced music files to only internal storage. In contrast, this "genre as playlist" trick has no such limitation, as the tag field value database built by the J3 at boot time covers music files on both internal as well as external storage.
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