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Originally Posted by lebellium View Post
No you're not in trouble. If the library update did not hang with your 3 albums it will not hang later with these albums. It's safe to upgrade and may save you for your future file transfers (which doesn't mean the R0 in fw 1.24 cannot brick. There is no 100% safe firmware for the R0 and there will probably never be)
The right way is easy, everything is in the 1st post here:
Again, the update process is completely safe when the battery is full and you don't touch anything during the process. It may take a while (10 mins? Dont remember!)
For the EQ. there are two ways: using the eq of one of the two dnse modes or the global one (master eq). For the bass I suggest you to use the Bass control in the dnse! (remember to activare dnse 1 or 2 during playback via the menu)
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