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Originally Posted by Branais View Post
Please correct me if I'm wrong: v2.24 was the firmware that introduced the Album Art errors
To be historically accurate, this "album art" error had already appeared once previously, in 2.21. They fixed it fairly quickly back then, with 2.22 (like within a month). It really was that the "check albumart" function was not being performed at J3 boot time, hence all new/changed album art (both imbedded as well as "cover.jpg") was simply not being looked for and analyzed. You could see that because "check albumart" appears on the screen for as long as the process is going on, which when you have an external card inserted is always performed on each boot.

Quite surprisingly, it re-surfaced in 2.24, exactly the same problem. And once again, it was fixed in the next release 2.25 which again took under a month to release.
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