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Originally Posted by arromdee View Post
I suppose all I can do is report the bug (I don't know how to do that).
You should open a ticket on the Cowon (Global) web site and describe the problem. Once they know about it they will no doubt research it and fix it.

You click on Support, register, then use the "Q&A" link, and then click on the "List of Questions" link to see your previous threads to/from them.

You click on "WRITE" to submit a new ticket. It's a very rudimentary non-thread-like interface, and you can "edit" what you've previously submitted, but you can't reply to their reply to you. But it does at least allow sending them information and problem reports especially for software issues.

You can also "MODIFY" something you've previously posted, but again there is no back-and-forth "threading" to carry on a conversation with them on a specific ticket. That would of course be very helpful, but it's not possible given their site design.
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