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Default zune software won't see files in picture folder

Hi, can anyone help me here? I have a 16 GB Zune HD. The zune software stopped seeing any contents of my pictures folder. I've tried changing locations of the folder, renaming it, remapping it. No matter what I do it can not see pictures. If anyone can help, please let me know, Thanks.

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dberger8 I moved your thread to the zune hd forum, you should get better responses here than under the mp3 player news forum.

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Has the software ever seen the pictures?
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Have you tried dragging and dropping the folder into your Pictures collection? That's how I always add them and it pops up with something like "Add all pictures in folder and add to folders monitored to pictures" or something along those lines. I do that instead of putting the files in the MyPictures folder and stuff and it's never failed me yet (with a 30GB and 32GB HD).

Also, are you adding JPGs or some other kind of file type?
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Check Settings>Collection and make sure your library is included in your collection.
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May seem like a silly question, but... Have you looked at the folder in Windows Explorer? If they aren't there, check your Recycle Bin. Something might have gone funky where it thought you wanted to delete them. Other than that, I got nothin'.

Much luck,
- Justin
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I have had this issue as well with some (not all) png's usually changing the file type by converting the photo to a jpg will cause the Zune software to pick it up
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On a similar note, the software no longer sees the pictures on my Zune, even though they're right there. No amount of reinstalls and resets has solved this for me, so now I basically can't manage the pictures anymore.
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